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Why should you take
a LAMDA Exam?

Every year, over a hundred thousand people take a LAMDA Exam

Whether you’re pursuing the life of a professional performer, a skilled public speaker, or mastering the art of self-confidence, LAMDA Exams can help you get there, regardless of your background or experience. 


Madden Theatre Arts offers LAMDA Exams in Acting, Devising Drama, Musical Theatre, Speaking in Public, and Speaking Verse & Prose!



LAMDA Exams will help you develop a range of skills including reading fluency, a larger vocabulary, enhanced memory, and an improved English language along with the ability to structure an argument. 



By developing communication skills, learners are improving their levels of self-assurance, confidence in the knowledge that they can articulate their thoughts and ideas, and make their voices heard.



After passing a LAMDA Exam, you will have earnt a qualification that is recognised across the world. This can be added to your CV, resume, or application for university. You can even earn UCAS points once you’ve reached Grade 6 or above.


What are UCAS Points?

You will be able to claim UCAS points with LAMDA Exams to assist in university entry.

Our Level Three Solo/Duo qualifications (that’s Grades 6 and up) are included in the UCAS Tariff. This means that if you pass those exams you can claim points to help you with university entry in the UK.


If you’ve taken exams from different syllabi, UCAS points can even be stacked to gain more points. So, as an example, points earned from an Acting exam in our Performance syllabi can be added to the points for a Speaking in Public exam from our Communication syllabi.


If you are taking multiple exams in the same syllabi, you’ll only be able to claim one set of points. So, we recommend you pick the one that gives you the most UCAS points when you make your claim.


Performance is: Acting and Devising Drama

Communication is: Speaking Verse and Prose and Speaking in Public

How many UCAS points can be gained from LAMDA Exams?


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