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Student Spotlight

🌟🌟🌟 Student Spotlight 🌟🌟 🌟 this week is on Grace 🙌🏻 Grace is working on her Grade 4 LAMDA Musical Theatre Exam preparation this term and is doing an amazing job! For the past few weeks we have been running her whole exam all the way through. Her songs have been rehearsed and nuanced with incredible detail and her spoken monologue is full of emotion, energy and life!
She has been meticulous with preparing her knowledge answers, giving them so much thought and detail.

Grace is our scholarship student and she has been exemplary all year, not taking a second for granted, listening to every piece of direction and feedback, completing home tasks on time, giving every session 100% and setting an excellent example to everyone around her. I couldn’t be more proud of you Grace, thank you for taking this opportunity with so much maturity, positivity and hard work 💜

Well Done Grace 👍🏻


July 2022

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